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Who can benefit?

Please note, this service is for those aged 18 and over.

The people who can benefit from this work will be curious about themselves and willing to learn and experiment with new behaviours. Some of the work involves recognition of how the body reacts to certain situations. If you're not able to do this and if you take no notice of your body at all, it's not a problem, all I ask is that you're willing to learn about yourself. We may explore emotions and you may be concerned because you don't think you're a very emotional person and value your ability to think your way out of problems. Again, not an issue, just be willing to notice. You will also need to be persistent. Coaching and therapy that involve homework can have a high drop out rate as clients discover how taking responsibility for changes they want is actually quite hard work. I'll be working hard for you and you'll benefit most if you're also prepared to put in effort between sessions.

If you've read further on this website, you'll know that some elements of the work I do are possibly 'unusual'. Please keep an open mind; they are researched and tried and tested models, conducted with the sole intention of helping you achieve your goals. 

There's a possibility you'll struggle with this work if you've been diagnosed with a personality disorder or have suffered childhood sexual abuse as the time limited framework will probably not fit your needs. As I work on my own, from experience, I know it is difficult to offer extended support between sessions. Furthermore, people benefit most from this work if they're able to focus and have some form of support network.


There's also a lot to be said for eating well as certain vitamins and minerals help maintain a healthy nervous system. You could spend a lot of money on various therapies only to find that regular exercise, a good sleep routine, a healthy and varied diet and occasionally embarking on a new hobby were the answer all along. I'm not trying to put myself out of a job but it's worth thinking about. 

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