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Models on offer

I offer coaching and therapy for anyone 18 years and older, up to a maximum of 20 sessions

Therapies on offer


I offer Coaching, using SMART goals to help us both establish what you would like to gain from our time together. This will then involve homework and possibly sessions will be set at irregular intervals to give you time to try new responses to situations. It's an invitation to be interested in yourself and get active in finding out about how you operate so that you can create change.

Most clients who come for Coaching are struggling with relational or confidence issues in their work environment. I often hear the words 'imposter syndrome'. One example of resolving these issues may come through learning to tolerate uncomfortable feelings through experimentation with new behaviours. Sometimes, clients may find they have repeated patterns in their work or private lives and then we explore deeper where and when these patterns may have evolved in the client's history. Further information about this can be seen below.

It may be that you simply want someone to talk to for a period of time, who isn't a member of the family and isn't a friend but is someone who can help you come to terms with something that is happening, happened recently or happened years ago. 

CBT Coaching

"Until you make the unconscious conscious, it will direct your life and you will call it fate"

C.G. Jung

It may be that we commence with the therapy below or you may find that whilst Coaching, persistent patterns appear or there are blocks to change and development; you may know what you want to do but just don't seem to be able to do it. A frequent refrain is that clients can logically recognise they're being irrational, they have worth, they can manage certain situations, etc. but they still feel worthless, as if they can't manage, etc. 

It's at this stage, we'll introduce different forms of therapy to find out what is going on. The science behind these therapies basically links to how information is stored in your nervous system. If a learned response to a situation is stored in a particular neural network, if that network gets triggered, you will behave in the same way you did when that network was first formed, no matter how much you want to change. When you were 10 it was a helpful network, now that you're 40, it's not so helpful.

Updating these networks will form the bulk of our therapy and we will do this from a place of understanding and compassion; after all these networks have got you to where you are today. This 'updating' can take place: Through talking and feeling understood in counselling; through experimenting with different behaviours or thinking styles in coaching or targeting the networks through the following therapies (or a mixture of all of these).

The therapies that explore the driving forces that are out of your conscious awareness encompass: Working with ego states, exploring early attachment patterns or how you integrated your parents' patterns or the patterns of other people who were important to you as a child, possible past unprocessed trauma. This link will provide more information.


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